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Now YOU can know what some others have ALWAYS known!

JESUS lived in INDIA! Before and after his

GOSPEL YEARS [29 to 33 AD]

Even more AMAZING! He was King of KASHMIR! *LINK*

;Doctor Robert Holt, MD (lower right corner), has been investigating "Jesus in India" since the Spring of 1995.


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At this very moment, certain pictures are on their way to the US Copyright Office that will change the history of the religious world!

I do not own the original pictures, but I have made artistic copies of them, which must be copyrighted before I can safely display them on this Web Site. These pictures illustrate the history of certain Kings of Kashmir and their families that for 500 years ruled that country.

All of these kings but one, (Matrigupta), were related to the Essene Messiah known as JESUS CHRIST in the Christian Gospels!

You may think that I am going to tell you that the pink-skinned person with

the light-colored hair (lower middle) is a youthful Jesus Christ.

But I am not going to do that. ....This Ajunta Buddhist cave painting is of

the WEDDING of one of Jesus' descendents, King Ranáditya.

Actually a great-great grandson of Pravarasena I (another name

for Jesus Christ as King of Kashmir from 59 - 89 AD!)

To read the rest of this WEDDING story...

.NOTICE: The stories and "Jesus in Kashmir" drawings and art-work,

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Copyright 2003 by Robert F. Holt. ....All rights reserved.

Jesus claimed in the Christian GOSPELS to be the favorite ("Unique" --

Aramaic- "Only -Begotten") Son of the Elohim God he called

"My Father in Heaven" -- Here you can read how this was

literally true in a very real sense! ...

BIBLE CODES have been a popular topic for prophetic speculation for 2000 years!

The new "Obelisk" in Kashmir tells ALL!

This "Obelisk" is what Michael Drosnin was looking

for when he wrote "Bible Codes II: the Countdown!

For the REST of this story ...

There are millions of people who will not believe in "Bible Codes" unless Jesus himself mentioned them ... He DID!

Jesus mentions Bible Codes!

There are millions of people also who will ignore all types of pictures, historical records, monuments, and inscriptions unless it can be shown from Jesus' own Bible writings that he lived in Kashmir, was a real king, had a sword, and another name besides "Jesus".

Kashmir in Bible Revelation

This picture © 2003 by Robert F. Holt, MD. All rights reserved.


The REAL Ark of Noah was built mainly of REEDS [wooden frame and planks]

and coated with cement called KPR or GPR [misnamed GoPheR "wood"] later..

Noah's Ark onlyLink to Healthark(dot-com)

The so-called "Flood of Noah" occurred around 11,000 BC [Healthark-dot-com]

Dr. Robert F. Holt, MD, MPH, who is bringing you this information,

is also known as the INTERNET FAMILY DOCTOR!

Doctor Holt has owned and operated Healthark (dot-com) since 1998.

He first visited India, including KASHMIR and AJUNTA in 1995.

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