This letter was not solicited by myself or Sue Olsson, but aquired by a link to "dogpile" and quoted here verbatim. R.H.

From the Author of 'Saving the Savior'. Ben Salahuddin, about Suzanne Olsson

"This letter was written by Abu Ben Salahuddin, author of ‘Saving the Savior.” Ms. Olsson gave a strong and positive review about his book several years ago, and in other ways, even while caught in the cross-fire, she assisted him in acquiring material for his website ‘The Tomb of Jesus..’

(Some portions of his letter referred to an erroneous news release and have been omitted.)

”The woman has survived a raid on her compound by guerillas; she dived into a hotel to avoid gunfire, she rode on top of an automobile while the rushing waters of a monsoon carried that automobile and every other thing in its way.

She survived a bomb blast inside a building in Lahore. I discovered that she had not lied about any of this [I have my ways]. If the woman were interested in money, she could be rich.

Once I asked her to get something for me, thinking she could never do it. BUT SHE DID!! She sent me something I'd hoped for years ago. Well, Indiana Sue got it for me FOR FREE! It arrived in my mailbox from Bangkok.

It would be perhaps one of the most ironic things in history [maybe THE most ironic!] if this wild card, our Indiana Sue, managed to do what Hassnain or no other researcher or scholar has been able to do: I think that she could survive anywhere in the world, while a Navy Seal would perish!! LOL!!

When she first went to Murree and walked towards Mary's [alleged] grave, a Pakistani army guard stopped her in her tracks, rifle in hand. So what did she do? She goes to the highest Pakistani military official she could find. And the next day she walks BACK to the gravesite, flashes a piece of paper at that functionary, and he steps aside and lets her go to the grave!! LOL!

Indiana Sue reached Srinagar PRECISELY at the time when India and Pakistan had amassed troops on their respective borders, and the U.S. was worried they'd start a nuclear war. But maybe it's providence, hey? Because now she's over there, and maybe she'll be under the radar for a while. Srinagar is a rather dangerous place, especially unescorted. But if anyone can live there and survive--it's Indiana Sue.

There is one other aspect of this I truly hesitate to entertain, but can't help but wonder about: I have occasionally wondered whether or not some more powerful force is behind her. Not that she's some prophetess or anything like that, mind you. But this *drive* of hers- -I've never seen anything like it. Jesus no doubt has many, many descendants, if he actually did marry that shepherdess woman, Marjan. But just *maybe* Indiana Sue is feeling something deep down inside of her. Maybe it's genetic. Maybe it's spiritual. Maybe even the Creator Himself will cause that grave to be dug up through her.

Oh, one last thing! The reason she has been able to get so close to her desire is that she has discovered that, according to Islam law, she *must* be allowed access to the grave of her ancestors) based on her family genealogy charts from France). The Imams in Srinagar even hold meetings on what to do with this New York blond and how they should decide the matter of her "rights"!"


"(as a probable direct descendent of the man in the tomb, under Islamic law she has the same rights as any family would regarding their dead relatives)."

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